Wednesday, February 24, 2016

From the City

Odebolt citizens & surrounding areas.....the pledges for the pharmacy are so close! Let's make this happen!

To date there is $17,784.40 pledged out of $24,000 needed.  Remember you can spread it out over three years or less & receipts can be written for tax deductions!

Click for a PLEDGE FORM

Here are some suggestions on how to do more recycling and to keep more items out of the landfill.

  1. Buy fewer disposable items to save money and resources.
  2. Recycle plastic shopping bags at stores. Many larger stores have a bin at their entry where you can drop off plastic shopping bags. Many grocery stores have these bins. If you don’t see one ask about it. Plastic bags don’t break down well in the landfill.
  3. Shredded office paper should be bagged separately.
  4. Donate unwanted clothes, toys and household goods to a charitable organization or homeless shelter. Check with the Community Outreach and/or Goodwill in our area.
  5. Compost your kitchen and garden waste at home. This could reduce your waste by 25% and fertilize soil in your garden.
  6. Buy products that have less packaging. This can be challenging but it is possible.
  7. When shopping take your own reusable shopping bags. Reusable shopping bags only costs about $1 a piece and can be used over and over again.
  8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy! People are recycling, companies are collecting the materials and making new products from those materials. Buy products made from recycled materials.
  9. None of these things take a lot of time! Let’s all work together to recycle more and more materials and help to protect our environment and our planet.
Sac County Solid Waste Agency

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