Monday, July 25, 2011

UPDATE: Old Odebolt photos found! Help identify.

Click on a photo to access the enlarged version at Picasa Web.  See below for instructions on how to comment on a photo.

The photos in the above slide show were taken after 1915 (dated by the fact that the bank on Main and 2nd is pictured, and it was built in 1915.)

Kay Summerville Stephan from Ames found some old negatives and, thinking they were scenes taken by family from Odebolt, she had them developed. She donated them to the Odebolt Museum and the curator, Kathy Larson, scanned them in hopes that people will be able to help identify people, or leave comments about the photos.

The photos are associated with the Briggle family. Kay said her grandfather was Harry Briggle. She also mentioned Everett Briggle.  According to Everett Briggle's obituary, both Everett and Harry were sons of John G. Briggle (who owned and operated Briggle's Ice Cream Parlor). Everett's obituary states that he operated the Briggle Brothers Cafe in Odebolt until it was destroyed by fire in 1952.

Information on the Briggle family can be located at

Briggle's Ice Cream Parlor as pictured at Odebolt History Pages

If you have comments about a photo or can identify people
  1. leave a comment on this blog post, giving the photo number.
  2. leave a comment below the enlarged photo on Picasaweb


  1. Sorry I can't help ID any of the people, but those are some great pictures!

  2. I remember going into Briggle's ice cream parlor as a kid. I think there was a saloon in the back of the building. - R.J. Rex

  3. In photo #5: the man on the right is Alfred Meyers. The lad to the left of the man in the white shirt as we view it, bears very strong resemlence to Eugene (Budix) Reynolds

  4. Chuck Hanson added ... Alfred Meyers later became the manager of the Green Bay Lumber Yard.