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Courtesy of the 2/14/15 edition of Ida County Courier (  The Ida County Courier is available at Cubby's in Odebolt, and Sparky's in Arthur.

Dance night at O-A/BC-IGHS
The O-A/BC-IG Dance Team will present its annual dance night fund-raiser on Saturday, March 12, at the high school. Dinner and chance booth will run from 4:30- 6:30 p.m., with performances at 7 p.m. The meal is $5 and includes a tavern or hot dog, chips, bar and drink. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for children. For more information, contact Kelsie Nettles at 364-2360 or knettles(at)

Recipes wanted for cookbook
Odebolt residents are encouraged to submit their favorite recipe for inclusion in the Creek Days’ Cookbook. Recipes must be submitted by April 4 to salmo_102(at) or jgodbersen(at), or drop off to Jade Godbersen at Swanson Insurance and Real Estate in Odebolt.

February OBC Meeting Minutes

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order on Feb. 9, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Linda Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Carol Raasch, Jim Mickleson, Kris Ziegmann, Steph Fleenor, Vicki Beckman, Elaine Rex, and Christy Hoefling.

Kris motioned to accept the minutes of previous meeting, Carol seconded. All ayes.

Treasurer report at this time is $12,758.80. Breakdown as followed. Undesignated: $ 1575.61
City Park: $710.02
Heritage Square: $219.57
Sign Landscape: $61.00
Peterson Pioneer House: $4550.59
Brochures: $463.31
Monument Circle: $125.00
Christmas Lights: $1654.00
Barn Quilt Project: $3400.00
Kerry motioned to pay the bill to Vicki Beckman for Christmas lights when she presents the bill, Elaine second. All ayes.
Elaine motioned to accept the treasurer report, Vicki seconded. All ayes.

Kris reported that Darrin Masters has begun on the interior renovation of the Peterson Pioneer house. He is working on it as weather permits. Deb stated that she has been in the house and that he is working on the downstairs bedroom.

Carol gave an update on the school museum. Sandy is writing another book about the artifacts in the museum. This book will be for sale on Amazon. The bell structure will be done by Creek Days and will be located on the southwest corner of the school in line with the Recess statue. There will be a house bell donated by the Thompson family and a school bell donated by the sculptor of the statue in the front of the school. The school has a new front screen door made by Horsley Const. Jeff Raasch is the new web master for the school museum.

Vicki and Carolyn Mortensen are working on a plan for the shade project at the pool. Vicki has been working with Mid American on the placement of the poles. Vicki hopes to have something drawn up by the omelet brunch to share with the public. Vicki will talk with Carolyn about using used netting compared to using new.

Kris, Deb, Christy and Bill have completed the Prairie Meadows grant for the pool filtration project. We should hear around the first of June if we will be awarded this grant. Deb and Kris are working on the INS grant for ladders at the pool also. We should hear around the first of May if we will be awarded this grant. We will keep looking for grants to apply for to benefit our pool. Bob Ziegmann has received a $2,500 donation from America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. He has chosen the Odebolt swimming pool as recipient of this donation. Thank you Bob for your generosity.

Christy stated that we are over half to the $24,000 pledge we need from the community for the pharmacy. There will be an article in next week’s paper updating the public on this.

Kerry stated that he has sold 5 barn quilts that will be placed on the Cracker Jack building. The painters have the patterns and we hope to have these 5 up by Creek Days.

Kerry reported that SETD has hired Brandy Ripley as their new director. Hometown Pride will be holding interviews on Feb. 13 in hopes of hiring a new Hometown Pride Coach. SETD also has their new web site up and going.

Deb reported that there will be 3 Hometown Pride Leadership sessions held Feb.25, Mar. 31 and Apr 21 at the Sac Co Extension office in Sac City. The first 2 sessions are free and the last one is $50. If anyone wants to go they need to call the Extension office to reserve their time. Kerry motioned to pay $50 for 2 people to attend the April 21st session, Steph second.

Carol reported that there will be a Western Iowa Toursim meeting at Boulders in Holstein Iowa on Feb 17th. If anyone is interested in attending let Deb know.

Vicki has visited with the owner of Odebolt Sparky’s about the possibility of a grocery line. She will follow up on this.

Vicki has a bill for the Christmas lights and she will drop if off sometime this week. The laser lights did not seem to work well downtown because of the street lights, but the Bengford family would like to try them in the monument circle next year. Christy shared some Christmas statues that she thought would look neat at the Heritage Square. We may have to have a fund raiser for this to happen. When weather permits we will get the Christmas lights taken down. Vicki also talked about maybe doing some sort of Christmas promotion next year.

Christy reported that the Rec board will be holding a Free Will Donation Omelet Brunch March 13, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Community building. The proceeds will go towards the pump and filter project. The OBC has agreed to help with this fund raiser. Christy will put a schedule together and have it with in the week.

After some discussion within the past month it was decided to not have Dad’s Belgium Waffles, but to stay with pancakes for the Creek Days breakfast. They have quoted a price of $3.25 and we furnish the orange juice and coffee. Kerry motion and Jim second that the proceeds go into general funds for future projects.

Steph is working on the possibility of a photo contest.

Vicki motioned and Jim seconded to have Steph audit the books from the past 2 years. All ayes.

Elaine and Jim are planning to go to Des Moines April 7 for the Tree City USA luncheon. If anyone else is interested in going along please contact Elaine.

Next OBC/Hometown Pride meeting will be March 15th at 6:00 at City Hall. 

  - Secretary/TreasurerDeb Reinhart

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