Wednesday, December 09, 2015

December City Council Minutes

December 7, 2015 Odebolt City Council Minutes
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Some excerpts  ....

RES. 15.30 Appointing Mayor. BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Odebolt City Council hereby appoints Michael Hoefling as Mayor to fill Hemphill’s seat as he passed away. This Mayor’s term will be effective until the next City election is held unless law changes. Notice was in the paper Nov 19, 2015 that this vacancy will be appointed and that a citizen petition for election must be filed within 14 days following either publication of Notice in the paper or appointment if citizens want appointment to use the election process instead. Motion was made by Hemer and seconded by Scott. Roll Call: 4 ayes. Resolution passed.  Council, Mayor and City Clerk were all sworn in.

Council discussed placing an ad to see who is interested in Council position that will be open and then appointing at the next meeting.

Bill Dreessen gave a written report of the Town Christmas Event that he put together.  The City would like to thank Bill and Susan Dreessen for their efforts year after year to fundraise, organize and oversee the Odebolt Town Christmas Celebration each year. The City would like to also thank all those that have donated money, time, food, etc. This is a very wonderful event enjoyed by people of all ages.

Jeff Raasch, by phone, explained what he would have to offer for web site ability such as both designing and training or to upkeep due to Barb Horak who currently maintains the web page wanting to retire. Council asked Jeff to send demos and pricing packages.

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