Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sac County in Need of EMTs

Sac County in Need of EMTs
The Sac County Emergency Medical Service is in need of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and is strongly encouraging people in the area to consider this opportunity to help provide this service.

Sac County, which offers a county-wide emergency medical service, currently has a total of 20 active EMTs within the county, but is in critical need of many more trained individuals to keep services readily available.

According to Sac County EMS Director Scot McDonough, the 20 active EMTs cover a total of 11 municipalities/towns and the surrounding countryside, leaving an average of approximately 1.5 EMTs for each town within Sac County.

Said McDonough, "It is for this reason some of the towns do not have 24/7 coverage and have to wait for EMTs to come from other towns to help them."

With this in mind, EMT classes are being offered, starting in January.  The total training hours of these classes will be approximately 150, with training sessions being held two nights per week.

In the past, the cost of taking EMT classes has proved to be a deterrent for some interested in obtaining the EMT training.

With this in mind, Sac County has come up with a new program which will pay 100% of tuition fees.

"Serving as an Emergency Medical Technician is very rewarding and a great way to help people in need," said Lake View City Councilman Dave Woltman, who is planning to renew his EMT certification.

As stated above, EMT training will begin in January, with the exact site and times to be announced at a later date.  For more information, the number to call is 712-662-4481.

A minimum of ten people are needed for the EMT class to be held.

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