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Odebolt-Arthur fourth graders stepped back in time Sept. 2 when they attended old-fashioned
country school at Moorehead Park in Ida Grove. Teacher Deb Parker prepares students
for recitation work. (Courier photo by Deb Loger)

Whole-grade sharing renegotiations set—BC-IG, O-A end monthly joint meetings    by BETH WOLTERMAN

The BC-IG and O-A School Boards reorganized Monday and decided to go back to separate meetings. Joint meetings will occur only quarterly from now on.

Brian Riessen and Jill Godbersen were elected BC-IG president and vice president respectively; and Traci Bengford and Joey Hoefling were elected O-A president and vice president respectively.

Riessen opened the meeting time discussion stating he would like to see the boards go back to separate meetings and hold joint meetings just quarterly during the year. He said he felt the boards would talk more openly at meetings if they met separately.

Naomi Lozier stated she was against ending the regular joint meetings and said it looks like the districts are separating. “It looks like we are going apart,” she said.

Jeff Rasmussen said he felt the meetings would be shorter if they were separate. Business manager Kathy Leonard said historically the separate meetings were longer. She suggested continuing the joint meetings but having the boards call more special meetings if they wanted to meet individually.

Traci Bengford said it looks like the boards are trying to hide something by meeting separately and favored keeping the joint meetings.

After further comments from all board members, the O-A board agreed to keep the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p. m. for its regular meeting time in the O-A media center. The BC-IG board will move its regular meetings to the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p. m. in the high school conference room.

O-A board members voted as follows: Traci Bengford, Naomi Lozier and Paul Neumann favored continuing regular joint meetings and Pat Hoefling and Joey Hoefling favored separate meetings.

BC-IG board members voted as follows: Tony Bennett and Kim Claussen favored continuing regular joint meetings, while Brian Riessen, Jill Godbersen, Jeff Rasmussen, Crystal Endrulat and Stephanie Konradi favored separate meetings.

Monday, the boards also approved a resolution of intent to renegotiate the whole-grade sharing agreement. Pat Hoefling cast the only nay vote. The boards have to give public notice of intent to negotiate the agreement but the resolution does not agree to any changes or provide any changes to the current agreement. This is a legal obligation; the boards have to notify the public a minimum of 90 days before any changes could be signed.

The boards also agreed to use separate legal counsels for negotiating the whole-grade sharing agreement. O-A will use Steve Avery and BC-IG will use Rick Franck.

The BC-IG board approved the resignation of Tony Mason as high school assistant boys basketball coach and approved contracts for Terry Schoenfeld as bus driver and John Tietsort as assistant high school football coach.

An overnight trip for the dance team to travel to Des Moines for state dance team competition on Dec. 3 was approved.

Superintendent Nick Ouellette provided updates on state board meetings and building updates.

The O-A board approved the sale of unwanted equipment on Oct. 11.

Both boards discussed drawing up an agreement to cover public use of school equipment. The BC-IG district loaned out some risers during the past year, which were left outside and ruined before they were returned. The replacement value on them is about $17,000. The boards are considering a rental fee or damage deposit.

The O-A board approved moving forward with a loading dock project in the front of the Odebolt building, at $15,000 to $20,000.

The BC-IG board approved an early graduation request after the first semester for Elizabeth Verschoor.

The BC-IG board’s next meeting will be Oct. 20, 6:30 p. m., at the high school and O-A’s next meeting will be Oct. 13, 6:30 p. m., at the Odebolt media center.

O-A/BC-IG homecoming set

O-A/BC-IG High School has released plans for homecoming week Sept. 22-26. This year’s theme is, “We Own The Night.”

Monday, Sept. 22 is Generation Day, with freshmen dressing as babies (cannot wear just a diaper –must wear a top and a bottom), sophomores dressing as toddlers/young children, juniors dressing as parents and seniors dressing as grandparents. Power Volleyball will be held during Success, and the student council will be decorating after school.

Tuesday, Sept. 23, is Toga Tuesday (must wear shorts and a tank/cami underneath) and Wednesday, Sept. 24, is Celebrity Day, with students dressing up as their favorite celebrity.

Thursday, Sept. 25, is Character Day, with students dressing up as their favorite television character (examples include Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Batman, Shrek).

The homecoming parade gets underway at 6 p. m.  Thursday in downtown Ida Grove, followed by the coronation, pep rally and super class night at 7 p. m. at the high school. Super class night competitions include: the pyramid, football throw, obstacle course, inner tube race, Paul Revere race and tug-of-war.

Friday, Sept. 26, is Spirit Day (with students and faculty wearing black, purple and silver), and Powderpuff football. Students are reminded that they cannot wear face paint, body paint or masks.

The homecoming football game against Ridge View kicks off at 7 p. m.

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