Monday, July 21, 2014

For Odebolt history buffs

As you may already know, Odebolt newspapers from 1877 to 2004, and other historic area publications are now on-line thanks to Odebolt's library and museum.  (Read the news article.)

The main entry is located at  .. run searches, and sit back to have some fun reading about the past.

And, just to let you know ... there is a LOT of history contained in particular issues.

The August 25, 1938 edition of The Odebolt Chronicle, put out an extensive history supplement titled
"Fifty Years of Progress; Celebrating the Chronicles 50th Anniversary and the Iowa Territorial Centennial."   This issue begins at

The November 17, 1927 edition of the Odebolt News put out a supplement titled "Fiftieth Anniversary and Booster Edition, 1877-1927."  It is located at 

Run searches in the year 1977 to find Odebolt Centennial articles. 
The Centennial issue starts here
A follow-up starts here
Odebolt Celebrates its 100th Anniversary starts here

Check out the June 13, 2002 Chronicle for Quasquicentennial news

To navigate:  The page number and arrows to navigate forward or back is located on the upper right corner of each page.


In addition, The Odebolt History Pages is full of history both transcribed and submitted by others. There are also many many historic photos.  The index to the 450+ pages of the Odebolt History Pages is located here

And we don't want to forget the over 900 pages containing 4000+ obituaries from the Odebolt area located at
THANK YOU to all the people who have made it possible to view Odebolt history on the Internet!

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