Monday, April 14, 2014

Odebolt newspapers now on the Internet

Have you ever wondered about something that happened in Odebolt years ago, but did not want to take the time to look it up on microfilm at our public library?  Well now you can do it from the comfort of your computer.

The Field Carnegie Library in Odebolt used memorial funds for the digitization of all Odebolt newspapers that had previously been microfilmed as well as some Sac City newspapers.

The Odebolt Historical Museum arranged to have Sac County Assessor books from 1877-1887,  the 1908 Standard Atlas of Sac County, the 1931 Sac County Farm Register and some of the Sac and Ida County plat books digitized.

Go go to, run searches, and sit back to have some fun reading about the past.

When you see one of the Library Board or Museum Board members please show your appreciation to them for accomplishing this great project!


  1. I want to thank all the people in Odebolt responsible for this undertaking, especially Steph (Reinhart) Fleenor who spearheaded the project, and the Odebolt library board and museum board who were willing to carry it out. While all the pdf images aren't perfect, they contain an enormous amount of historic information for researchers, historians and genealogists to find. Kudos! - Barb (Girvan) Horak

  2. I also would like to thank Stephanie and all of those who made this project possible. My sister and I have spent several hours doing genealogy research by going through the old newspapers. This project has made my research on the Currie Family Tree a lot easier. Cheryl (Boney) Soelberg