Wednesday, April 16, 2014

News from the Past

Odebolt Newspapers are now on-line at .  Just for fun we are posting some links to explore.  Some of the files are large, so allow time for them to load! ~ editors

News from 100 Years Ago--The Chronicle, April 16, 1914
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Local news -
Easter was a gorgeous day.
Fire department to purchase uniforms for members.
Considerable street work done during past week.
Today and Friday the sale of the Cook herd of Herefords will be in full swing.
Jas. Bruce started to break ground for new residence on Lincoln avenue.  [House is at SW corner of Lincoln and 4th Street.]
Business hummed in the local market Saturday.
Editor's column
Personal - brief accounts of comings and goings.
W. J. Ahlberg & Co.
Bowman Lumber Company
German Savings Bank of Odebolt
Western Land Co. - Mr. A. E. Cook has reached a decision to sell all of his famous ranch….
Chas. J. Kircher.  The Home of Dependable Furniture
Odebolt Chautauqua July 13 to 19
First National Bank of Odebolt
Koehler & Hanson Hardware and Machinery
Mrs. W. J. Neal of Arthur owns a very valuable relic…
A. L. Peck, owner of the resort known as Arnold's Park…
Classified ads, professional directory
The Co-operative Co.
D. W. Duncan ad for pianos
H. R. Stanzel ad for Edison diamond disc phonograph
Farmers Savings Bank
Koons & Lundblad, plumbers
Correspondence from nearby towns
Einspahr Auto Co. ad - $395 Buys The "New" …SAXON...
Jospeh Mattes Hardware and Machinery - Great Western Spreader, Studebaker wagons, Wizard Triangle Polish Mop
Engstrom & Huglin ad
Matinee Saturday at the Princess at 3:00 p.m.
Farm news
Dress Up Your Feet!
Grocery Specials
"Painless" Dentistry!
Personal - brief accounts of comings and goings.
The People's Store
Kalin & Gilinsky
William Sampson
Odebolt Bakery
R. Korneisel, Merchant Tailor
Personal - brief accounts of comings and goings.

(Pages not linked above are boilerplates of state, national and international news.)

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