Monday, February 29, 2016

Presbyterian Bible School - May 1953

Here's a photo from many years ago, taken in front of the bridal wreath spirea at the edge of the Presbyterian Church lawn in Odebolt.  The tallest person in the back row is Rev. Albert Peters.  I'm wearing a light-colored dress, standing behind the third boy from the right who is seated on the grass.  Scroll down this page to read The Odebolt Chronicle article about the Presbyterian and Methodist Bible schools held at the same time.  Vacation Bible school was a fun highlight of the summer for many of us.

Odebolt's swimming pool opened for the very first time later that summer, on August 7, 1953.  (Read all about it at the Odebolt History Pages.)  We took Red Cross swimming lessons the following summer, passed the swimming test for the deep end, and whiled away many idyllic summer hours at the pool during our growing-up years.

I can put names to more than a dozen faces in this photo.  Who do you recognize?    - Bonnie

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  1. I'm next to you in the plaid dress in the front row, Polly Loger and Gail Jansen are next in the front row. Sandi Einspahr Lickteig