Saturday, February 13, 2016

News from The Chronicle

Courtesy of the  February 11, 2016 edition of THE CHRONICLE.

Anyone with a listed phone number in white pages got phone calls very early in the morning Monday notifying you of blizzard warnings.

The phone calls are NOT generated from the Sac County 911 Center; they are issued from the National Weather Service.  The reason you are getting these calls is that last year Sac County Emergency Management (EMA) signed Sac County up for WENS (Weather Emergency Notification System).

This means every time the National Weather Service issues any type of weather warning for Sac County, you get a phone call.  Many of you signed up for the text and email alerts as well.

You CAN opt out of getting these notifications by calling the Communications Center at 712-662-4302.


Ziegmann Directs Donation to City of Odebolt 
for Odebolt Swimming Pool
Bob Ziegmann has received a $2,500 donation from America's Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund.  The donation will be used toward the goal of a new pump and filtration system for the pool.

Bob chose the Odebolt pool project because "that pool is important to the community.  Both Kris and I used that pool when we were young.  Our three children nearly lived there during the summers as they grew up.  And now our grandchildren enjoy swimming there.  I hope everyone will generously support the fundraising efforts for the pool."


Stepping up to Your Roots
by Gerry Schnepf, Executive Director of Keep Iowa Beautiful

Many Iowans grew up and were raised in a rural small town setting. We started out in the neighborhood, were supported by the church setting and later educated by the school system. The 18 years passed by quickly, frequently interspersed with part-time jobs at the local stores, service facilities and maybe the local business or production center. We left to go to college or for a job in another part of Iowa or the world. What was once our home transformed into our roots – our basic heritage.

Even though we left our home, the roots run deep. The appeal and memories from those early years remain vivid and strong. It is those years that framed our personality, provided us the sense of values, developed a work ethic, promoted high standards, built respect for others, a regard for authority and in general, embraced a true feeling of community. 
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Learn about Keep Iowa Beautiful's Hometown Pride program.

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