Monday, January 11, 2016

Odebolt to have new web manager

This is Barb (Girvan) Horak writing.  I am pleased to announce that after being the web manager for Odebolt for the past 14 years, I am going to retire.

Jeff Raasch, also formerly from Odebolt, has been approved by the City Council and will be taking over gradually.  He hopes to have a sparkling new website up soon.  The email address will stay the same. My sister, Bonnie Ekse, and I will continue doing news blog updates for now and we will be free to concentrate more on the Odebolt History Pages in the future!

I have enjoyed my years of supplying an Internet presence for my home town, and especially coordinating with so many people in Odebolt, but now is the time for "new blood".  Jeff will do a GREAT job and will no doubt be asking for some help and input from people in Odebolt.  We both thank you in advance for your understanding during this transition.

 - Barb

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