Monday, November 09, 2015

November City Council minutes

 November 2, 2015 - CITY HALL, 7:00 P.M.

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Mayor Pro-Tem Hoefling called the meeting to order with the following Council in attendance: Mohr, Bengford, Scott, and Hemer. Also present: Supt. Bill Tysor and City Clerk Christina Hoefling, Jim MickelsonOBC/Hometown Pride, Joey Hoefling-representing Ida Grove/Denison Family Health Centers, Bob Uren, Jerry Reynolds.

Jerry Reynolds presented a speech to thank the City Council and staff for all the tasks that they do for the town to maintain the safety, small town feel, and pride while being faced with major financial challenges. He reminisced about growing up in such as community that instilled work ethic and accountability while taking a risk on his abilities to manage the pool at a young age. He thanked them for ‘taking the flack’ while trying to clean up the town and maintain it beauty. He also thanked other committees such as OBC, OCC, ODC, Ingleside Club, PEO, Tuesdays Club, Cemetery Board, Library Board, Local Businesses, Legion, Auxiliary, Museum, and people that live in the community both in town and farm area for taking pride in the appearance and atmosphere to maintain the sense of community. Jerry also presented a monetary donation towards the pool work that needs to be completed with the hopes that others will follow. Council thanked him for his thoughts and donation. Council also thanked him for the support for the positive when they usually only hear complaints, it is nice to hear the other side.

Hometown Pride/OBC- Jim Mickelson gave an update that estimate came in for a 10x20 awning that is retractable with a wind sensor for $6,100 with frame and electrical needed also. They are looking into other awnings at this time. Rural School is closed for the season. Pioneer Home grant has been written and they are waiting to see if they are granted the funds through Sac Co Endowment. They are working on coordinating the decorations for down town area. Megan Hanson came to the last meeting to share information on opening a grocery store. She shared both positive and negative about opening a grocery store in a small town. She said it cannot be for people’s convenience or it will not work. She has some equipment for sale, and is willing to come speak at a meeting.

Council discussed how to fill the mayor position. Motion was made by Hemer and seconded by Scott to appoint at the next council meeting. Notice will be placed in the paper. Four ayes.

Telepharm update: Telepharm will be waiting to put Odebolt on their agenda for the Iowa Board of Pharmacy until January 2016. Alex Graber will come after their meeting in November to present a public meeting in Odebolt to see if there is enough community support to proceed further.

Council discussed nuisances in town. Council discussed that one nuisance should be going through court mid month and asked to give City Attorney the go ahead to proceed with the down town building next to the Pepsi building since the Pepsi building needs to come down.
RES. 15.27 Close Public Hearing and Sell City Owned Property at 205 & 207 S Main. Motion was made by Mohr to pass resolution Resolution passed. Full resolution is available at City Hall.
RES 15.28 Health Insurance. Motion was made to continue with the same plan as in place with current deductible at the 0.92% decrease in cost by Hemer and seconded by Mohr. Resolution passed. RES 15.29 Transfer LOST to General for Deposit of Telepharm. Motion was made by Hemer and seconded by Mohr to approve the resolution. Roll call: Mohr, Bengford, Hemer, Scott- ayes, no nays, none absent.

No formal complaints. There was a list of addresses that the school had brought in that had low tree branches that were doing damage to trees. Letters were sent out for those property owners to trim the trees and bring them up to code.

Green Light a Vet is a forward movement where people are encouraged to have one green light on to show support and appreciation for the Vets in the world. The OBC has changed the light in the Heritage Square to have one green light to show support.

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