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Courtesy of the 10-21-15 edition of Ida County Courier (  The Ida County Courier is available at Cubby's in Odebolt, and Sparky's in Arthur.

City of Odebolt
On Thursday October 29th
with boil advisory beginning
October 29th at 11a.m.
On Friday October 30th
Tentative duration is 8am to 2pm
Water will be off starting 8am October 30th.
Residents may also experience rusty or discolored water for 3 to 4 days.
There will be a boil advisory starting Oct. 29th at 11am till bacteria sample results are negative. 
You will be notified when advisory is lifted.
It will be on KDSN radio and Storm Lake radio!
Questions Contact Bill at 668-2669

Mayor pro tem Mike Hoefling acting mayor
Odebolt councilman Mike Hoefling is serving as mayor pro tem for the city upon the death of Robert G. “Butch” Hemphill Oct. 11.
According to information provided by the Sac County Auditor’s Office from the Iowa Secretary of State Office, under Iowa Code 372.13, a vacancy in an elective city office during a term of office shall be filled, at the council’s option, by one of the two following procedures:

1. By appointment by the remaining members of the council. The appointment shall be made within 60 days after the vacancy occurs and shall be for the period until the next regular city election described in section 376.1, unless there is an intervening special election for the city, in which event the election for the office shall be placed on the ballot at such special election. If the council fails to make an appointment within 60 days as required by this subsection, the city clerk shall give notice of the vacancy to the county commissioner and the county commissioner shall call a special election to fill the vacancy at the earliest practicable date but no fewer than 32 days after the notice is received by the county commissioner.

2. If the council chooses to proceed under this paragraph, it shall publish notice stating that the council intends to fill the vacancy by appointment but that the electors of the city have the right to file a petition requiring that the vacancy be filled by a special election. For a mayoral special election in Odebolt, a total of 16 signatures must be on the petition.

Trick or Treat
Odebolt Specialty Care (formerly Odebolt Nursing and Rehab) will host open trick or treating with their residents and staff on Friday, Oct. 30, from 4 to 5 p.m. Residents will be handing out treats from their doorways, and snacks, including ice cream and cookies, will be served in the dining room.

Trick or treating will be held on Saturday, Oct. 31, for the following communities: Arthur—5 – 7 p.m.;  Odebolt—5:30 – 7:30 p.m

Arthur voters will elect three councilpersons
The Arthur City Council has three openings on the ballot for the Nov. 3 city elections. Incumbent Kristy Rosemeyer is seeking election to a two-year term and Jeff Gann is seeking reelection to a four-year term. No candidate took papers out for the other four-year seat. The individual with the most write-in votes will be elected to the third seat.

Kristy Rosemeyer, 50, is the mother of Leah, Brianna and Royce. She has worked as a trust officer for First State Bank for 14 years. “I care about the town of Arthur and, as a citizen, I think it is important to take an active part as a city council member. There are many aspects that take place to keep a town running. I find it very interesting to learn all these aspects, from bookkeeping, resolutions, ordinances, to our city lagoon project.” Rosemeyer said, “The biggest issue that Arthur has right now is the city lagoon project. It is a project that we have no other choice but to do it, according to the DNR. Unfortunately for a town our size, this is quite an expensive task. Another issue I believe is important is the sewer line infiltration, which led to the lagoon project.”

Jeff Gann opted not to submit a picture or answer the questionnaire.

OUT OF THE PAST - Forty years ago 
Members of the Arthur Baptist Church, located four miles south of Arthur, will observe the church’s 90th birthday this Sunday with a special anniversary service. The present church was completed on Sept. 1, 1887. The church was first organized in 1885 with a membership of 18 persons. Charles Waterbury serves as the interim layman speaker.

[Read more about the history of Arthur Baptist Church at Glenn  Gustafson's "Kiron Kountry" ]

OA-BCIG School Board Minutes
10-12-2015 minutes  (pdf file)

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