Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Improvement in park and new signs

Work on the Memorial Walk Park Gazebos
Thanks for the generous contributions from the "We Paint" crew (Sandy Lorenzen and Kim Veit), helpers Amanda and Jessica Gunderson, Odebolt Lumber, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Dale and Linda Godbersen, and  Steve and Renee Bengford, work has begun on staining the gazebos along the Memorial Walk. Amanda is volunteering for points for scholarships.

The gazebos have been powered wash by Chad Sleight of Mark Hansen's Rex Chevrolet. So the next time you take stroll along the walk please notice them and the next time you see any of these people please say "Thanks",

If you want to donate to the Memorial Walk Committee please drop your donation off at City Hall or at Elaine Rex at 406 West Highway.

New Signs!

Have you noticed the new, brown DOT highway and Odebolt trailblazer signs that direct people toward the Heritage Park Square?

Now, to have folks recognize that at the end of the trial are the Iowa Rural Schools Museum, the Peterson Pioneer Home, and the Odebolt Historical Museum! All worth a jaunt off the highways for a visit! Come see us!

Angel's Place News
In addition to breakfast and lunch service, Monday thru Saturday 6:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., Angel's Place in Odebolt now has a meeting room for all your special occasions including reunions, wedding receptions, business meetings or just large family get-togethers. Special menus designed for your meals or desserts for your group are available.

Call for reservations at 712-668-2244. Evening meals and meetings are also welcome! Closed Sundays.

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