Friday, August 28, 2015

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Legion/Auxiliary Officers Installed

New teachers at OA-BCIG

Surprise delivery(Photo) Jodi and Adam Snyder stand with their sons, big brother Jackson and new baby Jordan, in front of the pickup where Jordan was born on Aug. 5. (Courier photo by Bethany Jones)

[Excerpt] Adam and Jodi Snyder were excited to be welcoming their second child into the family. They never imagined that the newest addition would come in a delivery truck.

“We are so blessed to have everything be okay when we got there [to the hospital]. He weighed eight pounds, eight ounces, and was 20-and-one-half inches long. He was originally due on Aug. 15, but I guess he wanted to make his presence known,” said Jodi.

Adam and his wife Jodi are now comfortably at home with son Jackson and new son Jordan outside of Arthur.

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