Sunday, April 19, 2015

City Notices

City of Odebolt
The City of Odebolt will be flushing hydrants
Monday April 27th starting at 8:00 a.m.
This may result in low water pressure or
at times no water pressure.
You may also experience rusty or discolored water
throughout the week.

NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS   Blowing cut grass into the street is prohibited. Depositing twigs, branches or other debris onto City streets is prohibited. (Littering section 105.06 of the City Code.) This debris causes drain sewers to become plugged and further causes street flooding during heavy rainfall. If citizens do not cooperate, citations may be issued.  CITY OF ODEBOLT

OFFICIAL NOTICE   Property owners are reminded that ALL properties (including vacant lots with empty buildings) are to be kept mowed. Code of Iowa 657.2(12). If the City finds it necessary to mow, the owner will be billed accordingly. City Codes 56.06 & 56.07. CITY OF ODEBOLT

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