Friday, February 27, 2015

Sac County Hometown Pride News

From the Sac County Homepride Facebook page ....

On Thursday night, February 19, the Sac County Hometown Pride Steering Committee presented a $20,000 matching funds check to Keep Iowa Beautiful and formally signed the agreement to receive a five-year, $300,000 grant to fund the county-wide Hometown Pride program in Sac County.

Funds for the match came from the Sac County Supervisors, SETD, and each of nine communities in Sac County. Pictured are Chloe Wallace,(Director of SETD), Sac City native Doug Shull (Treasurer of Keep Iowa Beautiful), Gerry Schnepf (Director of Keep Iowa Beautiful) and Bruce Perry (Chair Sac County Hometown Pride Steering Committee).

At the County Steering Committee Meeting on February 19th representatives from SETD, Sac County, and each community in the county discussed goals for the program. Our list included:
• Improve communication and cooperation among cities.
• Promote existing attractions in Sac County, recognizing that when one community benefits, all communities benefit.
• Improve services for elderly.
• Promote Sac County's rich resource of parks, nature, camping and natural beauty.
• Explore biking promotions or color runs in Sac County.
• Improve wealth retention in the county through use of existing or new foundations.
• Preserve and honor past as a bridge to the future.
• Utilize four-lane highway 20 as a tool for economic development
• Beautification of county through roadside projects, removal of derelict properties, entrance signs to county...
• Develop tag-line or logo for Sac County
• Tree planting project to deal with deforestation that will result from Ash borer.
• Work on goal setting and meeting those goals.

What additional things would you like to see happening in Sac County?  
You may contact us at

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Kerry Reinhart is acting as the town of Odebolt representative on the Sac County Hometown Pride committee.

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