Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Ideas


Give your town a gift! 
Donate to an Odebolt organization
of your choice
to see local organizations
that could use your help!

Buy this year's historic ornament or ornaments from past years, note cards, history books, and more items which go to support Odebolt Historical Museum. You can find most of these for sale at Iowa State Bank - 219 South Main Street in Odebolt.  Click here for more info

 Support the Rural Legacy Project/Iowa Rural Schools Museum
by purchasing a book or t-shirt!  Click here for info on the books.
Or contact Carol Raasch at 712-830-8328.


For the History buff:  Former prominent Odebolt residents William P. Adams and Dr. August Groman were passengers on the S.S. Vestris when it sank in 1928.  There is now a book about the sinking, "Last Dance of the Vestris" by author, Clint Oliver.  For more information see http://www.vestrisbook.com/

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