Friday, December 27, 2013

4th grade ideas

Taken from the on-line Ida County Courier, 12-25-13 Christmas edition.

O-A fourth graders share betterment ideas for their communities

Below are ideas taken from letters written by O-A fourth graders and published in the Ida County Courier.  It is good to see our youngsters thinking about ways to make their community better.
- editor

I would make a dirtbike track

Start a fundraiser and give to the people in our community that have cancer.

Start a fundraiser to buy toys for kids in need and food and drinks for families in need; also clothes for people in need.

Make people stop abandoning pets.

Build a bowling alley in the old bowling alley.  Also have a grocery store.  Have an arcade.  Have a Rec Center with basketball court, swimming pool, racquetball court and a workout room.  Have a coffee shop and a farmers market.

Make a restaurant so we don't have to drive out of town for one and for jobs for people.

Make a paintball center.

Make Creek Days bigger, have a bigger parade, have fire fighters water fights, kids mud volleyball, a can drive for the shelter.

Organize a community outreach program to help elderly people shovel snow, rake leaves.  It would teach kids hard work and coming together.

Let kids drive golf carts in town.

Have a paintball area, let kids drive dirt bikes, golf carts, rangers and snowmobiles in town.

Have a center that would donate shoes to the places that are poor or had a natural disaster.   Donate food to animals that need help.

A movie theater would be nice and the elderly would get in free at first.

Have a can drive to donate food for people in need.  Have a fundraiser to buy things and medicine for people in need.

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