Thursday, May 24, 2012

The After-storm(s) Clean-up(s)

This morning we decorated our family graves at the Odebolt Cemetery.  The clean-up crew were hard at work picking up branches and raking up the leaves that had been torn from the trees by the high winds generated in last night's thunderstorm.  They had a pickup truck full of storm debris, and still had hours of work ahead of them.   We asked if there would be another storm tonight, but Steve Gunderson replied that he hadn't even had time to check the forecast.  They were hurrying to finish cleaning up because they need to set up the avenue of flags for the Memorial Day weekend.

Steve helped us secure a silk flower bouquet at my grandparents' graves.  As the son of Charles Gunderson, he's followed in his father's footsteps to be president of the cemetery's board of trustees.  He pointed out several trees that have lived out their useful lives and are scheduled for removal.  Those trees have contributed more than their share of downed branches recently.

Later we had lunch at the DownTown Cafe, where we talked to Karen, Jim, Ruth and Roger.  They told us that the cemetery crew has had to clean up storm debris for three days running. 

The National Weather Service forecast for each day until Memorial Day includes thunderstorms, so the cemetery crew will probably have to pick up storm litter again.  These guys have day jobs, remember, but they're determined to have Odebolt's beautiful cemetery looking its best for Memorial Day, a day forecast to be "mostly sunny, with a high near 78." 

On Monday we'll honor all those who have served our country and remember loved ones who have gone before us.   Please thank the faithful volunteers who work so hard to assure that our landmark cemetery is a fitting and lovely resting place.

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