Friday, June 08, 2012

School Board Agenda

Regular Board Meeting Agenda
Conference Room – Odebolt
June 11, 2012
6:30 PM
Tentative Agenda:
I.                Call to Order

II.              Approve Agenda

III.            Welcome Visitors
A.    Public Comments to the Board

IV.            Consent Agenda
A.    Minutes
B.    Bills
C.    Financial Reports
D.    Resignations
E.     Contract Approvals
F.     Out of State/Overnight Trips

V.              Board Reports
A.    Superintendent Report
B.    Administrator Reports
C.    Director Reports

VI.            Dialogue/Action Items
A.    Consideration of Technology Purchases (OA)
B.    Approval of Textbook Purchase
C.    Approval of Bids/Proposals for 2012-13 School Year
D.    Approval of Auditing Services (OA)
E.     Approval of Jointly Administered Contracts for College Level Courses with Western Iowa Tech Community College
F.     Second Reading—Board Policy 605.6—Internet – Appropriate Use
G.    Approval of Resolution to Adopt a Section 125 Premium Only Plan for Health Insurance (BCIG)
H.    Appoint Member to Sac County Hazard Mitigation Committee (OA)
I.       Consideration of Bids for Obsolete Equipment

VII.         Discussion/Correspondence Items
A.    Correspondence Items
B.    Other Items

VIII.       Confirm Date and Time of Next Meeting

IX.            Adjourn

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